Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution

These are my New Year's Resolution, I'm not expecting myself to completely follow them... But I'll write them anyway just to remind myself every time I read this post. xD

♥ Work harder to lose 3-5 pounds more!
♥ Be seriously disclipined about what I eat.
♥ Lose my belly fats xD
♥ Write more blog posts and keep it updated.
♥ To always carry my new compact camera around because its the whole point of buying one.
♥ Be more organized.
♥ Incorporate cleaning the house everyday as part of my workout.
♥ Get a real job, any job LOL
♥ Be more close to my parents. :)
♥ Will find a new source of income aside from IMVU.
♥ I would like to inspire more girls to feel great about themselves!
♥ Be a better daughter?
♥ Won't take any crap from my brothers anymore, because they can be really controlling sometimes. xD
♥ Drink more green tea! Because its good for me and you.
♥ Be more mature, like learn to ride jeepneys and commute so I can get anywhere when I get a job.
♥ Make more friends, and actually see them.
♥ Save money for bags and shoes, haha! Because I didn't care much about them before, but now I do.


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Saving Capulet said...

totally not lame!! goodluch >:D<