Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weight loss, diet and workout blah!

Hi, as most of you didn't know.. I was struggling for weight loss last year!
Ever since we lost our weighing scale, I couldn't keep track of my weight, I gain and lose pounds easily but last year was the most super! Lol.

So I wasn't veryyy muchhh happy about it, as I saw my picture taken last April 2009 D:
So I worked hard to lose those pounds off, it wasn't easy. You know what they say? That when you get older, its harder for you to diet? It's kinda true.

So what I did was just diet and exercise everyday!
You'll see the progress here:

At first I was too strict with my diet. Like only eating vegetables and fishes, but it did not work for me because it just made me sadder-not being able to eat what I want and I love food xD
So yeah, I took it little by little. For my diet I did:

Cut my soda intake and commercial sugared/flavored drinks... I only drink water.
Avoid fried foods as much as possible.
Do not eat 3 hours before sleeping.
Always drink water while eating, not literally. I mean alternate xD
Fruits and yogurt as my snack. I don't skip meals, I still eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but small meals only.
I avoid too salty too sweet foods.
I am not a sweet tooth so its easy for me to cut off baked products.
I get conscious about the fat content and calories of foods, its like an obsession now.
I eat all I want during Sunday yey!!

This is my picture 2 days ago, I look really thin but its just the camera angle, hence my big head LOL. 100 pounds weight. My problem areas are my arms and tummy.

For my workout, I don't do this all everyday. But I see to it, I do one or two of them each day.

Bellydancing (for 30 minutes or sometimes 45 minutes)
Wii Gold's Gym Cardio
Wii Just Dance 2
Stability Ball Exercises

But right now I still want to lose 5 more pounds, lose my belly, thinner arms and be more toned.
So yeah, I guess anyone can do it if you are really up for it. We're gonna form a group on FaceBook for girls who want to diet, we'll be sharing tips, inspiration and motivate each other to reach their goals for this year and just be confident! Once its done, I'll post the link on my blog. :)


Anonymous said...

How tall are you? I think you look nice as is, 95 lbs would make your look bigger. That's what happens to me when I'm 90-95lbs, I'm 5"2 :(

clear♥wing said...

I'm very petite like 4'11, dear. Why would it make me look bigger ? XD i'm 101lbs currently, and I hate my belly its so hard to lose xD

Anonymous said...

Ah, you looked taller hehe. I meant it would make your head look bigger. Btw, I applaud you for sticking to a diet. Thanks for sharing your tips. I hope you can show how you do your exercises, well the ones you can show any way lol. Btw, which belly dancing video are you using? Thanks for your reply!

Saving Capulet said...

oh wow, congrats! I think you look really great as is <3 I really want to loose weight as well, I am going to join the fb page soon and will gear up for healthy living <3 good luck to us!!

Marykyut R♕sey said...

wonderful guidelines surely will give it a try myself ^___^

pandablush said...

wow thats great :) i want to lose weight myself but i just love food too much --" wanna lose 3 kilos at least i have 2 weddings coming ._. hey i love your new hair! im sticking with dark brown now cuz i wanna grow em :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you look great! That's awesome that you stuck to your diet and exercise plan. I love WII haha!

I was skinny for most of my life but recently gained weight -- I think my metabolism changed when I hit my mid-twenties. Now it's SOOOO hard to get back to "skinny".

Anyways I'm loving your blog -- especially the awesome tutorials!

I just subscribed :) Please check out my blog if you get a chance!

<3 Kelly

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Congrats on getting healthier! It's always nice if you lose weight, too, when you switch to a healthier lifestyle. :33

And wow-- you look just perfect at 100. o: You'd be fine maintaining that weight~.

Reg said...

Wow...your diet/exercise regimen is amazing! I'm having the same problem...I gained 22 lbs in less than a year, and I have to lose it off in 8 weeks (I'm having a photoshoot, I'm the maid of honor at my cousin's wedding, and my debut!) It's all overwhelming. I can't really workout everyday because of my busy sched...should I prioritize exercising more than dieting or vice versa? I only eat 2x a day, by the way, and I'm getting impatient, :|

Aya said...

Thanks for the tips! I am in serious need of a diet! Anyway...

Followed your blog now. :D

Anonymous said...

You're right about having a hard time shedding as we age. I was inspired by your blog and thought of shedding some pounds again.. Last time, I tried oatmeal diet and it worked. But for some reasons, I gained quite a lot after 2-3 yrs (hard to maintain).. Kaya lang, it's giving me a hard time now, unlike in the past >_< What tips can u share since I cant go and pay a visit to the gym?

Anna said...

followed. :)

i guess when you lose weight you look taller. haha. i thought you were 5'3" or something. btw, you look so pretty! your skin looks flawless! envy!!! xp

MizArWeN said...

Hello, i want to lose weight too. Like how long you can get from that body to that fab body? Its reli frustrated me coz at night i starve lyk hell. But dey say u cannot eat dinner coz if u eat very late and u go to sleep, d food is slowly digest. Then u end up having bloated tummy. If ur going to create facebook page for it tell me yah. Want to be in it. :)

chidcho said...

Thank you for your tips but where is that link? Could you give us that link please. Thank you in advance

kimmey_09 said...

Hi! What was your starting weight?

Lynny said...

OMG! whether you see my comment or not, but i want to say thank you! you are my inspiration :))

your new shape is look very good thumb up!

Zy said...

wow that's great! Thanks, this made me inspired in losing some weight. :). Been struggling this past few months just to lose weight.