Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cute Nerdy Eyeglasses I Found!

I found a very cute and chic pair of black nerdy eyeglasses at the SM Department last Sunday, and guess how much you can get them for?! Php99 only (that's nearly $2.+) and they almost look like they're made of wood. Here, take a look :D


Anonymous said...

They look cool!

Check out! They have some cool, nerdy and stylish frames too!

Anonymous said...

cool glasses i wish i could find one too :(

Me'sStyle said...

they are very cute guy ! im looking for nerdy glasses for the party in concept "smart ,nerd & beauty"
wish i find it one ;)

Sam Times said...

Nerdy glasses, ooh, I like! Seriously speaking, you look great in those.