Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bye old Camera, Hello new Camera

I miss my old camera (Sony DSC H50) :( but I got to move on. Reason I sold it is because its too bulky for me to bring anywhere, everyday... I couldn't keep it instead because I needed the money to buy a new one.. So here is my new camera the Samsung T600 in Pink (of course)!
Reason why I got it:
♥ Its compact, I can carry it around in my bag anytime.
♥ So shiny and pink.
♥ It has front LCD, very good for taking photos of yourself.
♥ It has very nice and convincing image filters
♥ HD video recording!
♥ Very easy to use with its smart photo and smart video modes.

So yeah, so far I am very pleased with my new camera :) That I actually bought cute accessories for it as you can see..(Thanks to SM department store)
What's also great about this camera is that it has nice macro shooting mode and wide lens.

Here's an example of macro
Here are some of the other filters:

Fish Eye 1
Fish Eye 2

This is my Christmas gift for myself :)


Locke said...

ooh, sounds like a great camera! i want one too~ have you tried taking pictures of yourself? how's it?

★ Steffanie ★ said...

wow! that camera looks so pinkish and cute!! <3 how much did u buy for it? :)

clear♥wing said...

I used my camera to take pictures of myself for my latest blog posts :)

@Steffanie: I bought it for nearly $250. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The camera filters are so cool! :) Love the fisheye

miemiemie said...

nice sis :) how much siya? ung sis ko kasi naghahanap ng magandang cam :)

clear♥wing said...

@: jamie
11,800 lahat with shipping sa hehe

Saving Capulet said...

ang ganda ng reviews na nababasa ko d2 xD nakaktempt!!

miemiemie said...

thanks sis :)