Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hair color update and random stuff!

Relvon Colorsilk Luminista Medium Blonde Hair Color Update after 5 days! Hair is sliightttlyyy dry. The lighter roots came darker than before and the orangeness have become lesser, but still very brassy especially in sunlight. Oh wel, I'm just glad that my hair is pre-lighted before I'm going to use Palty, but I should wait 2-4 weeks before I color my hair with Palty Jewelry Ash and Beauty Mauve. So I will have to stick with this ugly color for a couple of weeks T_T.
You noticed that my skin is glowing on the picture? That photo was taken during our trip to a far far away place wherein you have to travel the mountain up to get there and it was a really hot weather, very sunny and stressful journey lolz.

And I am only wearing a BB Cream! I found a holy grail BB Cream, this one is from The Face Shop and its called Hydro Splash BB Cream. I love it! It is perfect for everyday use. Because the consistency is not very thick, it glides on smoothly on the skin just like water. Not sticky at all, it has mild scent so it is very pleasant! It has decent coverage, I did not have to put on concealer at all. It lasts a whole day without even re applying or blotting powder because it did not make my face oily even though I'm sweating but maybe because my skin is on normal side, not oily and not dry.

It's a must try BB Cream, I really recommend it. It also has spf20 for extra sun protection, but with this hot weather don't settle for spf20 only go for higher! So I had to put on sunblock before applying the BB cream.

This is my everyday purse when I don't have to carry too much other than sanitizer, hanky, phone, and lip stain. xD It's cheap but very durable and doesn't go out of style!

My new MP3 player I bought off Ebay. It's called SONY Walkman E453 in Pink. I was gonna get an iPod but since Sony's sound quality is way superior than iPods, I got this one. It's really cool because it also has a karaoke mode with displayed lyrics. xD Great sound but the earphones need to be replaced with earbuds because they're too big for my ears lol.


Marge said...

awww i'm glad you liked the hydrosplash, i'll give mine another try, maybe my skin was just in the right mood at the time i was trying it ;-)

clear♥wing said...

It works for me, ate xD hehe yeah u should give it a second chance lol

Saving Capulet said...

sony is better than ipod, really? gah imma look this up, thanks for sharing orange <3 I'm not an apple person kasi! plus you look super pretty in thos photos!

Timeless Confection said...

hi oyen!thanks for the follow back ha. so love your hair!it really complements your skin tone! i bet the luminista in red will also look great on you.have a good day!

Marge said...

hehehe okeedok, i haven't shipped off to mom yet [usually kasi what doesn't work for me works for her eh hahaha]

Tinee said...

hello ate oyen :) You're so pretty~
how much is that bb cream? i was thinking of buying one, but i'm always backing out because i might not get my money's worth :|

i really love your blog! especially your tutorial on glowing skin :)

one question though, does the mineral make-up brand ellana have a substitute for the skinfood illuminizer that you have?

thank you! and i'm so following you :))


Xitella said...

good luck with dying your hair! :)
im sure it would look great on you!


clear♥wing said...

Thank you guys :)

@Tinee, thanks!Sorry dear I am not familiar with Ellana brand, but I'm pretty sure that other drugstore brands have alternative, as well as Etude House. :)