Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Japanese Magazines that are useful to me XD

I found Japanese magazines at National's Bookstore that are really interesting for me. They only cost Php85 each xD. I saw this GalHair Magazine and it has really nice pictures of hairstyles, hair tutorials, makeup tutorials and wonderful hair color references. :3

And because I am so into sewing now, I saw these Japanese books that features a lot of easy to sew clothes, lots of patterns and graphics! I apply these patterns to my doll clothing because I am still not that confident to sew human scale clothing xD.
I feel like my sewing skills are improving, with practice of course. :)


Anna Luisa said...

Nice find. I didn't know National had Japanese magazines. :)

tiffanyfung said...

I love japanese magazines too, my favorite one is ViVi ;)