Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Latest stuff bought for my dollies :)

I went to eBay and bought important stuff for my dolls (Pullip and CCE Fake Blythe). I bought a doll carrier bag that is a window type one so people can peep through on what's inside... Aha it's like a coffin.. I bought it from CoolCat because she sells them at most reasonable price and the bag is a nice quality, thank goodness this mix flower print is still available because I really think it looks cute! :) It also came with a longer strap.
But the thing is that it has a black lining inside, I'm afraid that this will cause some staining on the dolls, so I thought and friends suggested to me that maybe I can put another lining with lighter colored fabric and voila! Blythe and Pullip can fit even though my Pullip has 27cm obitsu. Now I can carry around my dolls anywhere for outdoorsy photoshoot! :)

Next up, is I bought a lot of 26 pair of "barbie" shoes. I heard that most barbie shoes will fit 27cm obitsu bodies for my Pullip. So I tested each pair if they will fit perfectly.
And these are the pairs that failed! Do not buy these kind of shoes for you dollies, they won't fit.

And these are the successful ones!

My Pullip Sephora's gonna have an eye surgery. xD But I am still toooo scared to change her eyes from regular ones to half dome acrylic ones. I bought these acrylic eyes from MimiWoo, I belive they are called Ocean Blue color. They look super realistic!
Thanks for reading!~ ^.^

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