Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't like my hair color!

I dyed my hair with Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Medium Blonde but it turned out really brassy and too orangey for my liking...
I'm thinking about dying my hair with Palty finally next week. I'm not that worried with the damage it will cost because I'm expecting little damage since my hair is still in nice condition now. I just want to get rid of the ugly brassiness. X.x

This is the Palty shade I will be using... Jewelry Ash and Beauty Mauve since only 1 box is available per shade from my supplier. I've always wanted ash brown hair but i really dunno why I bought the Revlon medium blonde shade, waaaa!

Palty Beauty Mauve
Palty Jewelry Ash


sky@laestetica said...

Palty Beauty Mauve looks good on you. I think i'm gonna try this on me too :)

kalai said...

that colour looks so cute~~ think next time i dye my hair i will buy a palty hair dye.. yeh there's no need to worry about damage to your hair. dying hair darker actually makes the hair more healthy looking. only dying hair lighter will significantly damage your hair~~ xx

cutielippi said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment and for following ^___^
your blog is just sooo cute <3
the palty colors looks really awesome :O i only tried milk tea brown but unfortunately it didn't work so well for my hair :C hope it works for you! if not, you can always try the bubble hair dye :)

clear♥wing said...

@Cutielippi: Hehe your blog is so much fun :) You are super pretty and I love your eyebrows! Xd wEIRD eh.
yes if all else fails, I will be trying the Kao Liese bubble foam hair dye :)

clear♥wing said...

I am hoping it will not turn my hair eally dark xD

Anonymous said...

The colors look so nice! I've heard good things about Palty so hopefully it does a better job than Revlon. It seems like my hair never looks like the color of the box -- or I just suck at dying haha -- definitely post pics afterwards and maybe I'll pick up a box!

clear♥wing said...

yeah, same experience here, my hair doesnt turn out exactly as expected on the box. But I'm excited with palty because I heard great reviews especially the Jewelry Ash, that it doesnt make your hair orange. lol I just want to get rid of the brassiness. Willl definitely post the Palty process and results, but gotta wait for a couple of weeks first ^^