Friday, June 10, 2011

Etude House Happy Teatime Review!

Hello, I am here to review these Etude House products because I think they really are nice and worth the money. First, is the Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream. It is suppose to remove your makeup by massaging the cream in to your face and then wiping the makeup away with cotton balls or tissue.
The consistency is really cream and is good on removing makeup, and a little bit of mascara. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and clean. :) It is actually for people who are too tired to wash their face to remove makeup. But I take the extra step using the the Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam.

This Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam is used for extra cleansing. It's creamy and has a moisturizing effect even though you've already washed it with water and dried your face.

I love these products mainly because of the smell! They both have a baby powder smell that is so mild and pleasant. Plus, they do a great job removing makeup easily, its enjoyable because of the scent. :)


Marge said...

i love the cleansing cream. the smell and it's super tagal maubos ☺♥

sky@laestetica said...

hmmm, i don't really use make up remover. water and facial wash usully work fine with me. but this looks interesting. thanks for the info:)

clear♥wing said...

Thanks, makeup remover is a must if you wear makeup, there's just some deep seated makeup residue that can't be removed easily. :)

Yes, I a gree a jar lasts a century xD

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I've been meaning to try that cream and that cleansing foam. I've read many reviews that they smell good. :D

clear♥wing said...

Yes, they smell really really good and they never gave me any pimples yet so far xD