Thursday, June 9, 2011

Been in to Dolls! :)

I'm inlove with big headed dolls! XD
I got a Pullip as my birthday present. :))))
And her name is Sephora, she is a Pullip Clara (Special Edition)
Okay fast forward, I gave her a new body (Obitsu SBH, Soft Bust Medium) and bought her new wig. I am really in to customizing her eventually.
Painted her a new face and added eyelashes and here is how she looks like now! :)
By the way, I really got in to designing and sewing doll clothing, everything she is wearing in her photos are all handmade by me. :D

And then I bought a fake blythe because I cannot get hold of an original one, I really can't afford that price for a doll! But she is also adorable. She is my very own custom doll, her name is Raven.

I gave her a new carved lips and new makeup, changed her wig to Sephora's original stock wig.:)
I'm now into collecting re-ments (2nd hands coz they're expensive haha) I want mini stuff for my dollies! :D

Here is my Multiply Site where you can see all my dolly photos:


miemiemie said...

nice new hobby oyen :) cute ng mga damit :)

Saving Capulet said...

aww they are both so beautiful!! <3 I hope you'll find some cute stuff for your darlings!

clear♥wing said...

Thank you... :3

kalai said...

beautiful dolls. i love blythe dolls but don't have space for them now~~ xx

Lora-chan said...

They are so lovely! ^^, I want one for myself for a really long time. :( Can I ask where did you buy the fake blythe? Thanks!

Anyway new follower here! ^^,