Monday, February 9, 2009

Gaaah! Been very busyy xD

Hello, yeah sorry for not updating much hehe... xD
I will post that tutorial maybe next week or this week, when my skin has settled to normal condition (due to a little breakout..period)

And oh yeah, I told you about growing my hair longer (like past the elbows) right? hehe... I am gonna start monitoring my hair growth starting today! (February 9). I'll just use my IMVU avatar for the illustration hehe... so hassle taking pics from my webcam-so dark.So yeah, I wonder how fast my hair can grow... I really want long wavy brown hair <3
I want Angela Baby and Janice Man's hair so bad! Aren't they so pretty!? I would KILL to get their faces hehe.. I really dont care if they had surgery.. They're just outrageously pretty.. I really can't choose which ones prettier than the other.. Janice Man looks "mean" lol but in a good way.. I love how unique her facial bone structure is. And Angela is my favorite racial mix...<3>

But I want to know if I can pull off that kinda hair.. But oh well! I really want! hehe.. maybe by the end of this year I will get my goal length >.<" I hope not.. I don't want to get extensions by the way.


AnnaCleo said...

im growing my hair too!

Anonymous said...

lmao their extentions ==

Oyen said...

Lol, Its not their extensions I'm up to. Its their hair length and style :P

Anonymous said...

awwww me loves angelababy and janice man.

im surprised to know you know them too, i browse soompi as well :) and yes im from QC too lol. and yes almost all my friends are from culinary *backed out of it when i was sophomore* lol blabbling much.

i like janice, she looks more sophisticated... angelababy always looks cute. different vibes from two people with same style. :) but both are ridicoulously pretty!!! in a good way haha :)

lol its getting kinda too long.

yeah im the very same "anonymous" poster that said thanks for the eyecontact lens review :)