Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry for not updating ^.^V

I've been really busy, hehe...
So yeah last night I've been thinking about letting my hair grow long past my elbows xD (random)
And I am also planning on doing another makeup tutorial called Natural Dollfie Inspired Look xD Its so exciting!

And I am also trying the L'oreal Pure Zone anti imperfection moisturizer, I wanna see if it will get rid of my little pimple marks. So far I like how it feels on my skin, the texture is really improving- I notice my pores getting less visible haha! But I still see the pimple marks.

And yeah, I just found out about the Maybelline Dream Mousse Shimmer Illuminator and I am trying to purchase one within this week off Ebay.. it looks interesting since I love the Dream Mousse series except their blush ons.. they don't really last long.


ClearSky said...

Actually, I can't imagine seeing you with your hair past your elbows...Are you gonna keep your hair straight or wavy? *imagines your long hair with bangs and waviness* ahh, KAWAII!!! ^__^

I can't wait to see your new make-up tutorial xD It might give me an idea what to do with myself for occasions ^___^

I was just wondering Oyen, do whitening lotions help with sunburns? And, do sunburns make you dark or do they just go away after a few weeks and you go back to your original skin color?

It was silly of me to go to the beach 3 weeks before prom xDD

*hugs Oyen* Yay Oyen!

tuniez83 said...

can't wait to see your new Tut.
I used to have Dreammousse blush on also, and it's true not last more than 2 Hrs.
Oh, may I ask how you buy stuffs online? like using Paypal? Cash? cos i'm interested in Paypal but doesn't know how it works

Oyen said...

@Kami... Sunburns suck! xD Sometimes you wont be able to get back to your original skin color for some reason.. but I like it when they peel but yeah sometimes they don't. "mild" whitening lotions may help and always put sunblock when you go out.. and yeah try to exfoliate (body scrub twice a week) to recover your skin.

Its the safest and easiest way to pay stuff online.. Just register and follow the process. You will have to add your bank account and credit card to verify it though. But don't worry its safe. XD

tangjuicestacy said...

that doll is precious!
i cant wait to see a tutorial with that as an inspiration!