Monday, February 9, 2009

I finally want a NINTENDO DS LITEEEE!

Yes! I want to get the Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday <3 I will never be bored during dull days anymore! xD I am so excited, I really hope I'll get to have one. Some of my friends are saying why don't I just get the PSP instead since I can save songs, watch movies, etc... Heck, I don't want it. (These are just my opinion, dont bash me :P) Firstly because there are so many people who owns the psp now its like so overrated. Two, most of the best games on PSP are just usually racing or versus games like Tekken and little RPG's. Third reason, I really don't care much about graphics, I'm just up for the good games and DS Lite's features, having the two screends and touch pad -makes games more interesting and fun! PSP is more on multimedia side.. Bleh I don't want to use my portable gaming console as an "MP3 player" and I can't watch movies on it just because I don't feel comfy.. I find it really shady when people buy PSP and download more songs and movies than games LOL, whats the point when they spend money on other gadgets that are specifically for that, like iPod. Real gamers like the Nintendo DS. Fourthly, The DS Lite looks so sleek and awesomer plus its less prone to damage. When I get mine, I want to decorate it hehehehe!

I just want to list down the games that I am going to download just incase I would really get the DS Lite, so I wont forget LOL!

Cooking Mama 2, Last King of Africa, Japanese Coach, Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, My World My Way, Dragon Quest IV: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Final Fantasy XII: Ravenant Wings, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Brain Age, Mystery Case Files: Millionheir, Mario Kart, Zelda:Sands of Time, Chocobo Tales, Curious Village, Some Sims Games, Animal Crossing: Wild World,Picross,Phoenix Wright/ Apollo Justice,Time Hollow, TouchMaster 2, Mario Party DS, Super Mario Bros, Touch Detective 1 & 2,

Other games you want to recommend? I like mysteries, awesome RPG's, cute and girly games hehe...

A little DS Lite cuteness gallery :D


!Lei said...

OMG OMG IT'S SO PRETTY AND SPARKLY *hyper fangirl mode* WHERE DO I GET DECORATIONS? Where do I get ideas to make stuff like these???? ToT
But I'm torn between the style of "cute" and "sleek" ^^;
I was also confused between a PSP and a DS, and I really believe DS is so much more..FUN and Interactive! I don't really care if PSP can store vids and music ;P

I recommend the game "Chocobo Tales", gonna have fun with the cuteness there!
Go for Cooking Mama 2!! xD; So much more to do than cooking mama
Get Zelda; Sands of Time or something like it, it's pretty fun. ^^

clear♥wing said...

Hehe I'll put that on my list! YAY!
You know what, me tooo >.< maybe when my DS is still shiny and new I'll keep it like that until it has some scratches.. then I'll stick on skins on it..or blings hehe..


There's a shop in a mall nearby selling cute skins and, blings that were "premade" that you can just stick on the ds. xD

I'll super pimp mine when I get it... I'll have to buy super cute:

>Crystal Case
>DS Lite Case
and other accessories hehehe weee!

Anonymous said...

OMG I miss my Nintendo DSLite :( I used to have a pink one with the LambLamb sticker on it (The one with mario in it) But i lost it last year ToT;;

Anonymous said...

i would really reccomend curious village if u like mysteries, it has a lot of riddles too~

smilecusiluvu said...

Hey I own a ds and I would recommend getting a mod chip for it like an m3 or r4 cyclone.. basically u just buy that and a memory card and baiscally u just download ur games on to it.. its really simple my 2g sd card can hold up to about 40 games?? so it beats carrying around all those games

Anonymous said...

since you have 2 bros... i guess you'll need to share your game gadget with them too! nyahahahaha!

or, it is also a must to have their own DC so as not to spoil your gaming time! hehehe!


clear♥wing said...


Yep, the one I'm buying is brandnew with free r4 and 30 games free ^^

Last Anonymous

LOL who are you? xD NOOO I don't wanna get them DS, they're super bratty and mean to me. I won't lend them as well LOL

Thanks everyone for recommending your games, I'll update my list ^_^

Anonymous said...

Four words.


nanshi said...

Phoenix Wright/ Apollo Justice. Wiki them. Start with the first one and get all of them. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.
- Picross
- Time Hollow (I recommend this one SOOO much. It's just... soo good. Funky, but good).
- TouchMaster 2 (2 is so much better than one)
- Mario Party DS
- Super Mario Bros (cause it's classic and it comes hacked on the R4 so you get all the cheats enabled so it's suuuper easy just to breeze through)
.. lol. I really like puzzle games and I'm really picky because there are some games that I don't find that fascinating

miemiemie said...

definitely sis! i have the red ds lite,i love it :) i use an r4 game chip whatever you call it. haha also download the touch detective 1 and 2 game!

peach` said...

I want a new DS too. My classic DS is dying. D:

Though, there's a new type of DS coming out. Maybe you should consider that one instead? It's basically the same except the screen's bigger and it has a camera.(; Perfect for moments when you feel like camwhoring.

clear♥wing said...

Thanks guys for the suggestions Im gonna add them xD


yeah it sounds cool! xD But Im sure its gonna be expensive when it comes out... I'll have the ds lite and upgrade with the new ds when i get the chance too ^___^

kellilenore@imvu said...

Is this a ds checkbook cover? Ii it your inspiration for the work you do? Because it is beautiful as well.With the bible or book on front? I want that! lo

Tiffany said...

The DS cover's look so pretty! now it makes me want one as well!

peejay said...

wow ds lite is so expensive in the philippines XD 9k pesos? Here in US its 150$ US which is like 7.5k pesos XD im juz sayin lol btw i got psp n ds lite n i gotta to say ds is awesome for its cute n educational games lol if ur getting it, i recommend brain age(its really challenging but fun XD) and dragon quest 4 XD

aight im out