Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple and Cheap Doll Look Tutorial

(picture Heavy)

Hello its Me Oyen xD
Its been a while since I haven't posted a tutorial so here we go..
I mostly used drugstore brand makeups for all the makeup newbies out there like me hehe..

Okay we should start with a clean face. Apply moisturizer,
let your skin absorb the moisturizer for 3-5 minutes.
And then apply foundation. I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Gel Foundation,
a concealer (not sure of the brand)
and then I dusted face powder (Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder)
to set the liquid foundation in place.

And then shade the eyebrows a little for a little definition..
Just use any dark brown eyebrow pencil.

For the eyeshadow, its really simple, I used an in2it duo eyeshadow with bronzey colours..
the light one for the entire lids and the darker shade is for the outer corner.

I used another in2it product for the eyeliner, its a liquid brown one..

Curl the eyelashes and apply Mascara (Maybelline Volum' Express)

Apply Blush on (By Revlon)

(EXCUSE MY DRY LIPS!XD) Lipstick and Apply Lip Tint only
at the inner corners of the lips or whatever you call it xD

To get a slight Dollfie look effect, I put concealer (slight) on
the lipline and blend.. and then I topped the lips with a lipgloss.

And last! If you don't have a highlighter.. a white shimmer
shadow will be a good alternative (just apply little)
Dust on the bridge of your nose, cheek bones, forehead and chin.

And we're done! ^__^

Hope it helps you ^__^

NOTE: in2it eyeshadow and HerBench Lip Tint are popular in Philippines.. I really don't know if you have them in place :/


!Lei said...

What did you use for your highlighting? :D

Anonymous said...

hey oyen i saw u on soompi and i love your look!

i was wondering how u made ur hair braid around your forehead like in this photo http://i43.tinypic.com/ftoavr.jpg

thanks =D

miemiemie said...

soooooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

thanks oyen! i really appreciate it!

how about, make-up tutorial for morena skin tone (i.e. Rizi and Nikki Gil)?
-Tilay (coz my morena workmates also needs your genius advice! hahaha!)

*manalakad nakang parlor!*

applecider918 said...


I love your blog, I like your simple looks and tutorials. What shade did you use for your Maybelline Gel foundation?

clear♥wing said...

Thanks Miemiemie.. ^^

Lei > I used a white shadow shimmer (generic) xD I just don't know the name of the brand.. but you can find one anywhere.

Anonymous> I will make a tutorial on that ^_^ Its really simple.. Very cute Hippy/Indian Look hehe...

Tilay & Peng>You're welcome ^_^ Hope it helped you..But I will be posting more when I have the time.. hehe
For darker skintones,, you can still apply the principle of this makeup.. just change your foundation to darker shade, as well as your concealer... of course :)

AppleCider198> Thanks! I used 27 Natural Beige,, its perfect for me.

tuniez83 said...

My goodness, you'r way too cute. I love the blush color (never seen that collection before in Thailand). I love the first done pic. So so so......angely to me
P.S. miss your posts and face a lot

Oyen said...

Thanks Tune!
I miss you toooooo! OOH I MIssed a lot of your posts already *runs to your blog*

Tiffany said...

Great tutorial!
it looks amazing.. especially wearing black circle lens =]

Anonymous said...

Heey! Cute tutorial, juts wondering if you do your hair dye at home or in a salon, and if at home what brand/shade is it? I've been trying to dye mine that colour but to no avail, even palty doesn't show up so well on me!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi.. may i know your hair color?... Simple and Cheap Doll Look Tutorial