Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just an Update About Me? Where have I been!?

Yeah i know, the last time you heard from me my laptop got broken! Well.. I got a new rocking desktop while my laptop was getting now the laptop is also fixed but I am loving the desktop more.. coz I got trauma HAHA!

Well anyways, I am currently in a Culinary School! Yup I love cooking and culinary school makes me so busy and enjoy! But don't worry I'll keep my blog updated from now on... if I can.

So yeah, my hair is so much longer, and still growing it..and lately I've been breaking out like crazy waaah! (I really don't know why...maybe coz of stress and cooking?) I lost some pounds. Wee.

LOL, here are some random pictures that you missed LOL! (for some reason, I look kinda better when I am not the one taking pictures of myself?! LOL)
Guess where am I? LOL duh.. (I'm with friends @ Isdaan @ Tarlac, great place)

Me on left, typical discussion moments...
I closed my eyes! >.< YAY, uniforms :) Where am I?
Of course, I do get bored too sometimes haha..drawing by me using crappy pen.
I forgot to mention th
Random photo sessions... (i love this photos, coz I think i kinda lookie like my idol angelaby here.IWISH! haha)

Okay DONE!


AnnaCleo said...

wAo! nice drawing ^_^those ear-headbands r so cute! and ur so gorgeous! =3

miemiemie said...

welcome back sis! alam mo i've seen you 3 times na. 1st sa grocery, 2nd and 3rd nasa harap ka ng PWU and ako naka car so no way na mac-call ko yung attention mo. hahaha

clear♥wing said...

Waaa! ano ba yan haha! Hindi kita nakikita x.x

izumi said...

wow your drawing! you're so talented!

Keziah Ann said...

wow. an update. nicee. anong color ng hair mo po? ganda:D

ƒairytales ★彡 said...

you're back !
your blog was the blog that inspired me to create my own(^o^) ~
thank you !

tuniez83 said...

Gosh so cute so cute so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oyen miss you so much!

Hengbok la femme Nikita said...

You're totally cute & gorgeous!

Where did you get those leopard ears hairband? I'm looking for cat ones + tail! xD