Sunday, July 19, 2009

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I got my hair dye done in a salon 3 weeks ago, Light ash brown, when I came out of the salon my hair was so dark hint of brown. But the the person who dyed my hair said that my hair will become lighter after a week of washing. My hair is now less orange :)

The crest whitening strips really work! I have a couple of the strips still unused, because after 3 days of using them, everyone already noticed the results.

This toner is LOVE, I love how it leaves my skin refreshed anytime of the day, I bought a atomizer bottle and filled it with this, so I can bring it anywhere and I use it as a face mist, it doesn't rut ruakeup and leaves skin hydrated and refreshed. And I never had monthly breakout. But a little warning though for people who have extremely oily skin, because this might make your skin too oily. The scent is like fresh roses which doesn't really bother me, the scent goes away few seconds after you apply it.
It is a lengthening mascara, not a volumizing one, so I suggest you to use a volumizing mascara coat first and then finish with this one. It DOES lengthen your lashes bigtime. I love this mascara because it NEVER EVER smudges or flake or anything, stays all day with consistency, plus its so easy to remove. Curling your eyelashes before applying this might be a waste of time because after you put on this mascara, your lashes won't look curled instead they get straight, so its better to curl the lashes after you apply this mascara and don't forget to wait for them to dry first. The brush kinda makes the application a little messy, but I'm okay with it, since its so easy to wipe the stains going on my eyelids.

Here are my eyelashes after application, sorry I accidentally deleted the before pics, but trust me, my natural lashes are so thin and short. I especially love how I can apply coats on my bottom lashes and make them look longer, its a very WOW overall look.

This is the makeup base I got from Etude House, it basically preps your skin before foundation/powder application. It minimizes pores appearance, makes the skin look vibrant and alive and I love the baby powder smell so much!

And lastly, my favorite product that I bought is the SkinFood illuminizer, I forgot to take the picture of it, its this yellowish powder that has super tiny micro shimmer that when you put into your skin, the powder turns into a beautiful light pink color. It instantly makes the skin so vibrant, glowing and look more 3 dimensional!

I know you missed me! :P


aniiita89 said...

Ive always wanted to try fiberwig mascara since im a HUGE mascara fan and i heard alot of good things about it :).
im definitely going to get this one. Thanks for the review!!

izumi said...

i keep hearing good things from the fiberwig mascara xD and am interested in this makeup base~ i didn't know thayer's would make you more oily! :( hmm.. will have to look into that. glad you're back to posting! :)

Zoe said...

Your hair color looks so nice^^

Jennnn said...

I've heard about the fiber wig mascara, seems interesting.. does it really remove as easily as everyone says it does?

Shopn'Chomp said...

Pretty hair color :)

pankeke said...

witch hazel works so good as a toner right?? i have been using it for a week or two and it got rid of all my pimples !! i just hate the smell~~ maybe i can find a rose scented one like this !!

c ! a n n a said...

You look amazing! I've never herad of fiberwig, but I'll try it since you/ other commenters say its good! I'm using Rimmel Lash Extended right now, and it works pretty well! :3

That toner looks really nice too.

Anonymous said...

the mascara looks AWESOME! and you have nice hair!! oooo hehe

fiber wig huh? hard to find?

Anonymous said...

ooh you look great with nudy browns!

Just got my nudy green and blue :3

what program do you use for your .gifs?

Anonymous said...


rich said...

hey there! ^^ you're familiar! :) you're from CS right? ^^ you're a lot prettier na ngayon... :D

I like your hair color... ^^

Blovet Beauty said...

nice circle lens!

sarath said...

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