Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't wait for my wigs to arrive its been more than 20 days already! LOL

Anyway, I don't worry coz I know they'll arrive anyway.

Last night I went to Marquee Mall and found really nice wigs, I was torn with all the styles so I chose this long, curly one with long side bangs (that I trimmed this morning LOL)

I didn't know the Kanekalon fiber wigs were already available here, plus they are cheap. I went to other wigs stores here and they wigs cost a lotttt. Like thousand pesos plus and they're ugly quality, old style synthetic and the styles are so old fashioned already haha!. But this one I bought is just Php619! Nice buy! But they have limited colors, they only have dark dark almost black color for every long hairstyle. I was looking for a light brown shade, but black's okay enough for me to try :)

It's my first time buying and wearing a wig and I can say that they aren't really that comfortable especially when the weather is really hot, sometimes your real hair inside the wig gets itchy. But it will totally give you new look without styling your hair :)

I get obsessed brushing it xD coz I wanted the curls to separate and because I want big volumized hair. So I'll beging my review for this.

Name: Sorry I forgot the brand name coz I took out the tag to quickly and threw it x.x
Color: 8/10 natural black, its nottoo black it still has brown tinge on it. But I still prefer myself with a lighter brown color.
Style: 9/10 the bangs were kinda tricky to fix, I trimmed the bangs shorter.

Pictures, you decide if it looks nice :)

Okay I really cant wait for my other 3 wigs to arrive! >.<


Anonymous said...

i want a wig SOOOOOO bad! SOOOOO bad! =D

donnarence said...

where did you purchase this?? thank you..

kuri♥ayu said...

the wig looks great on you! i would like to try one so that my hair has more volume :)

clear♥wing said...

:) I bought it in a mall nearby here in Pampanga, Philippines for $13 xD

lizzie said...

Recently I bought new Henry Margu Wigs from the online store name

kalai said...

cute^^~~ it suits you^^ i do think you suit a lighter brown too though. cz you got pale skin. but it still looks really nice. love the style. nice and curly.. makes me want a wig. but have to cut hair first-- cant wait to see the other wigs~ ha. 3??^^ so many :p ❤

Reita said...

It looks really nice on you :) The loose curls are cute~

~The Muses~ said...

This wig is very pretty on you! My sis passed by and saw the pictures and got excited for a second because she thought you were a Korean celebrity she liked. She really likes K-Pop stuff! lol! Makes me wish my real hair looked like that!

kikaynursefashionista said...

wow.. :) from what store did you buy the wig?? Do they have clip on extensions?? :)