Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mini Splurge on Makeup and SkinCare

I purchased some stuff online, gawd online shopping is so addicting!
And these are the following:

1. Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
Eversince I started using natural remedies like egg white mask, I figured I should start with my skincare as well... I heard so many great reviews on MakeupAlley about this toner.. that its non drying (coz its alcohol free), contains rose petal essence blah, witch haze which is good for pimples and blemishes (I think) and doesn't contain random chemical ingredients that we normally see on typical toners. I'll make a review so don't worry! This really sounds interesting.

2. Imju DEJAVU Fiberwig Mascara (black)
Haha, finally the famous mascara, I really hope it works for me.

3. Etude House Baby Skin Makeup Base
My first ever Etude House cosmetic! So excited for it...I really hope it will smooth the skin and minimize the pores...

4. SkinFood T&I Powder highlighter
First ever skinfood cosmetic that I will own, it looks so pretty.

5. Crest WhiteStrips Classic
I wanna try it coz of the great reviews because unfortunately, I am not one of the people who are blessed with super white teeth xD

Got experiences with these products already? Please comment about them ^_^ I will be so glad to hear.


sandra tze said...

hello oyen! (:

i found your blog thru soompi hehe . oh yeah and i read one of you post about gluta injections being effective . i heard it's really popular in phillipines . is it really effectiveee?!

oh btw, etude house's baby skin makeup base has really good reviews . the fiberwig's awesome . the best mascara i've used by far! (altho to many, majolica might be arguably better . up to individual i guess!)

ia91 said...


You don't know me but xD; I'm from soompi =3 That's how I found out about your blog. Anyway, I'm going to the Philippines this coming Friday and am hoping to get some cosmetics.

Where's the best place to find them? And price-wise, how much roughly? o.o Sorry if my questions are so vague but I reallly just wanted to know so I'm prepared when I go back :3 Thanks you! And I hope your newly bought products work out for you ^^

Jian said...

Hi Oyen! I love online shopping too! (Unfortunately I've never bought any of the things you got though).

I've been reading your blog for a bit and I thought this model from Kevin B's Beauty Manual looks quite a lot like you! (But older..)

Hehe. I hope you don't mind that I commented about it on my blog xD

Chowder said...

I use regular witch-hazel and it works really well. They sell generic witch hazel at drug stores and they work the same as Thayer's. As for Crest White Strips, they work but you have to buy toothpaste for sensitive teeth (i.e. Sensodyne) because afterwards, your teeth with be...well...sensitive? And get the new ones because the older ones move around..ALL THE TIME.
Good luck! :D

CHAЯS. said...

Heyy =]
I was lookin' up hair colors for me to dye, and just happen to find your blog along the way~

I really love the advice and tutorials you put into here. Very nicely done o=
And you're very pretty too lol.

Is revlon a brand that you'd reccommend?

Dollie said...

I used to use Crest WhiteStrips, like last or last last year~ ^^ They worked for me, but I lacked the patience to continue with it. I still have like half of the box full. Somewhere. LOL.

Allina said...

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superfilthy said...

Where were you able to get the crest strips? I've been looking all over O.O

As well as the witch hazel toner :D