Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hair highlights update and stuff!

Hello everyone, I just did my highlights few days ago and this is my update. My hair is now lightening due to shampooing and washing. And my highlights are really showing up! xD
But the problem is, the bleached parts are becoming really brassy and orangey yikess!

I've heard about purple/blue shampoo but sadly it is not available here in Philippines, I've looked everywhere.:( I saw a couple online, quite expensive though and plus, I am on a tight budget right now. So I came across a DIY on how to make purple/blue just by using food color/dye. Yey. xD I really wonder if it will work.

LOLZ I got over excited I put so much dye on my hot oil treatment cream and on sample shampoo.
I heard the results of these won't be really "instant" though there will be a noticeable change after first application. I think I have to use these blue stuff regularly to completely remove the brassiness of my hair.
My hair has become a little less brassy after using these, I think. xD Maybe next time I'll try to leave the products on longer.

LOL Starscream xD


Marge said...

i love your lip color! ^_^ lmao cybertron philippines will be super thrilled if they find your pic, a really pretty girl holding on to one of 'their' 'toys' ;-)

Leeny said...

Hi Oyen! May I have the link to the DIY hair toner recipe? ^^ My whole head is a bleached blonde and I've been looking for a more natural approach to getting rid of the yellow~ ty!

LOVE JOICE said...

You have a gorgeous hair!you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Oh wow-- yeah, your hair's definitely lightening up. o: Very pretty.

Here's to that toner continuing to work in the future. *fingers crossed*

clear♥wing said...

Hello everyone the food color on hot oil I think helps because otherwise my hair wouldve been really orange by now! XD

Quirky Japonesque said...

Definitely need this because I used Palty's sparkling blonde and made my hair really brassy!!