Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Curlformers! :)

My mom bought these, they're 12 pieces and are enough for my hair. I rarely use heat to style my hair because of the damage that's why I really get excited when I find ways of curling the hair without any heat!

Here's how they look.
And this is how they look once you put them on your hair. xD
The longer you wait before taking them off, the better and longer lasting results.
I usually put mine when my hair is already dry. Putting them on while hair is wet is also possible but the curls end up to tight like Goldilocks xD

And you can also adjust the curls lower for a more romantic and natural look.

Result after 3 hours and a half. The curls are really big, bouncy and very similar to curling iron effect. Really cute! I took a nap with these on, quite uncomfortable but bearable, if you really want curly hair without damage! XD

Here's some of the tutorials you can view on how to use these:


♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I have wanted curlformers for ages :)Are the ones you used the long and wide ones? xo

clear♥wing said...

Thank you! :) They're totally worth it xD yes, I use the long and wide ones. Very voluminous curls :)

Marge said...

where did your mom buy them? lol i doubt it would work on my stubborn hair. even with heat my hair goes back to straight after about 4hours LOL

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I have been using Curlformers for ages now and absolutley LOVE them!!

kimmey_09 said...

Where did your mom buy this? Im thinking of getting one for myself. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

they look so cool and easy to use. where did your mom buy them? thanks