Friday, January 16, 2009

Makeup, Makeup, Makeup

Hello, if you are a starter for serious makeup like me... I would like to suggest some basic "stuff" to put inside your makeup kit.

Throw those cheap face powders/ Johnson's baby powder that you use for your face LOL!

Basic Makeup for beginners must haves!

1. Liquid Foundation (for me, this is the best type of foundation)
2. Loose Powder that should be translucent since I find pigmented ones cakey on the skin. You need to dust on loose powder after the liquid foundation.
3. Concealer!
4. Eyebrow Pencil for definition, don't buy black ones (they look harsh)... go for Brown Blacks or Dark Browns.. You need it if you have thin eyebrows I hate seeing "barely there eyebrows" xD
5. Eyeliner... Should have 2 kinds, a pencil and a liquid. (brown or black) brown is more natural and looks great on people in general.
6. Blush On, you should have one in pink color and orange/peach one.
7. An eyelash curler, for short lashes like me, putting mascara without eyelash curler is pretty useless.
8. A good waterproof mascara since waterproof mascaras tend to hold the curls of your lashes longer.
9. Bronzer...Its good as blush on, eyeshadow, and for contouring. Versatile, it can also be mixed with liquid foundation for that dewy look.
10. Lipstick, a pinkish to nude ones and a peach/orange color. Don't buy red ones-yet xD
11. Lipgloss (any color you like) to make your lipstick pop with shine and you can also wear it alone if you want.

So yeah, I skipped the eyeshadows because it depends on you, but if you want eyeshadows, you should have a natural palette (classic) and pastel ones because they are funky and youthful. Those are just basic must haves ^.^ Hope you find them helpful ^.^


Risse said...

Don't forget a good makeup remover! Gotta have that after all that makeup gets put on your face haha. :) Good general list though! Very helpful to those starting out.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I'm not really good with make-up...This is really is much of help for me since I finally know the essential must-haves. Great post Oyen! *Copy pastes the list to shopping list* I really want to try those tutorials I should do a post on tips looking great at prom! xDD

Love you Oyen!

Anonymous said...

If u got a small purse, you can just buy this 3in one lipstick, eyeshadow and u dont have to carry all these stuff in ur bag...Have u also tried the "Loreal Shocking 2 steps volume construction mascara?" like you, my eyelashes are so short and fine, but when I use this mascara, it adds volume to my eyelashes, makes them a bit longer...:-)

clear♥wing said...

Great tips guys ^_^ Please do share more !

And Kami, I will post a PROM LOl xD for you

Lei said...

You already have nice skin ToT
Skip the foundation~
I have pretty good skin as well, but I love the flawless look of foundation BUT
they say the less you put on your face, the better you look :3

akdjajhskdh;; I'm not so sure though xD;; I don't want to look too bare. But that's what Candy said... We seriously need makeup magazines here in the Philies... XD

tuniez83 said...

very good tips u made. Very useful for beginner and also others.
p.s. I's away for a while,nice layputs, so annoying to hear that some1 bugging your ID name.

miemiemie said...

oooh i love the face shop's the skin bb cream, i'm glad that i saw your review on it. haha :)

CD said...

Hi Oyen, why not post about Facial regimen for beginners-like: moisturizer, night cream, toner and facial wash? (Ps-dont use magic cream people..)it has side effect towards the end-Lol


clear♥wing said...

LOL xD when I used magic cream on my face it gave me white heads plus its too creamy and smells funky.
It's good for other parts though.

^^ I will post something like that later, thanks for the suggestion po.

Sylvie.Meme said...

hey where did u buy ur make up kit box?
Or do u know where to buy it?

Oyen said...

Its an old one, mom gave it to me. She can't remember where she got it, if t was a gift or something LOL

Sheryl said...

hi ate, would you like to recommend your favor Bronzer brand? :) thanks! ano ba ung kaibahan nya with other make-up like concealer, highlighter and such? hmm..