Friday, January 2, 2009

Simple New Year Celebration With My Family.

Our celebration was fun and simple ^.^
My Family ( parents, 2 brothers and grandmother)

We are really newbies when it comes to cooking the turkey >.<" It's our second time cooking it (First was the 2008 New Year)
My mom's plan was to buy ready cooked food for New year's eve but she just realized that cooking experience with us is funner!

So yeah, we had 12 kinds of fruits, Roasted Beef, Roasted Turkey, Fettuccine, Steamed Giant Tilapias, Buko (Coconut) Salad, Ham, Bottle of Wines/Cranberry, etc!

So yeah, it was fun.. All we did is watch TV, eat and laugh until New Year... No fireworks though (because everyone's sissy to do so LOL) I think I slept at 1:30am because I was so sleepy already.

xD Hehe, my dad was super "in the mood for pictures" that night...
So was mom (xD So beautiful even without the slightest bit of makeup)

I made little New Year's resolution!

1. I will try to minimize eating rice and pork..
2. Try my best to exercise at least (like running LOL)
3. Make moooore moneyz so I can contribute more and buy what I want (hehe..not all the time though!)
4. Make more friends. (I am such a hermit)
5. Be wiser.
6. Grow my hair long like elbow length xD

So yeah, wish me luck for this year and I will wish you all the best luck! Happy New year everyone!!!


Karen said...

LOL oyen, you're so cute! :D
'Make more friends.' We're all your friend at soompi (: teehee

good luck with your resolutions! so similar to mine.. xD

!Lei said...


I can see you and your mom's resemblance. :D Seriously.

clear♥wing said...

xD yeah, people say we look alike a lot xD

liv said...

what colour was your hair before you dyed it?

too bad they don't sell that here ):

can you recommend any other alternatives?

tuniez83 said...

How sweet ur family is!
I wish I could Excercise more too. Cos i'm now like.......fat T^T