Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Influence of Soompi (Forums)

I love Soompi it's the only community forum that I found really fun, informative and super cool.
I just joined last September and I already have like 457 posts... While the number of posts that I have on IMVU Forum (been a member for 3 years) is only 261.

I am a Beauty and Fashion Section lurker.

I guess its because the people tackle important and everyday dilemma topics that occur to people, its so easy to speak up your mind, make friends, share thoughts/concerns and ideas because I found the Soompi Members really smart, kind, casual and not intimidating.

Asian people is its most dominant members, maybe that is why I feel so belong in there LOL.
And these are the things that I've learned from Soompi so far...

♥ I learned to convince myself to buy stuff online... and also influenced my mom and now my mom is addicted to Ebay :D
♥ I learned so many beauty tips, like home remedies, recommended skincare and costmetic products.
♥ I also learned more about FOB Fashion
♥ I bought DHC Eye Tonic, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler because of Soompi
♥ BB Creams, I also told my mom about them and its become her Holy Grail
♥ I learned so many makeup ideas
♥ It made me more comfortable about myself
♥ I share ideas I learned from Soompi to my friends who aren't Soompi members. (Makes me look so smart ROFL jk)



It's just me.. said...

Hello! I'm from Soompi.. :) - nowayin
I like how you are always posting tutorials and stuff!
I learned soo much from soompi too; especially putting on eyemake up! lol

clear♥wing said...

Thank you ^.^ Soompi Rockz

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you're the girl who posted up the Himegyaru & RAG CURLING (!!!) tutorials up on Soompi! I love your tutorials, they are both user-friendly and very cutely styled =D

Yep...Soompi has dominated the Asian-American internet world, to say at least. :D I love it, and it's spreading like WILDFIRE!

btw my soompi username is f_r_E_a_K :]]]

plaidpanda said...

I agree~ Soompi is super duper awesome and informative (: I found you from soompi, ahah > w<""

Anonymous said...

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