Friday, March 6, 2009

New Haircut by Mom

(excuse my stupid expressions)

New haircut by mom! My mom is really not that Pro but I feel safer if shes the one cutting my hair, hehe.. So we kept my original hair length.. and just added layers graduating from my ears-down. I cut my bangs first xD My mom always tell me that I look better without bangs though but I feel like my hair is boring without bangs.. What do you think about my haircut??

I don't have to style it much because my hair is naturally ummm.. thick and got decent volume... So its a wash and wear haircut I can say.. Sometimes I put on velcro rollers on to get the dolly curls style, its really cute. I like my haircut! So yeah, I'm gonna keep my hair like that until its already long.. (remember my goal?) yup like past the elbows haha or maybe shorter..


!Lei said...

akjhdskjaf;; I LOVE IT~!

I wanna get velcro rollers now >.<;
I just keep asking you questions in my comments ^////^
How long did you leave your velcro rollers, and did you put anything in your hair before the rollers?

btw, you look like you got highlights. (or maybe you did and I missed it D8)

miemiemie said...

cuuuuute :)

KaiLe said...

The haircut looks great on you!
Hahaha velcro-rollers, those are so old-school but I have an entire bag filled with all sorts of colours and sizes.

Maybe I should give them a try again!

Ladyfei♡ said...

Hei! Your hair is a lot nicer now.
Did you dye it darker? If you did, its better! The first pic is so pretty hehehe. ^^

Goodluck in keeping ur hair long!
I wanna cut mine i think.. shoulder/neck length! hehe.. Im bored with long hair already xD

Ji said...

very pretty hair!♥

Tiffany said...

I loveeee you new hair! it suits you a lot

Koko said...

You look better with bangs! I say keep them! hehe :)

applecider918 said...

cute hair!
you're mom's really good at cutting hair.

Laura said...

I've been visiting your site for a while now but this will be my first time commenting. I just wanted to say that I super love your haircut and the styling! The fact that I'm commenting tells you that I super adore it. Haha!

Oyen said...

Hehe thank you so much guys ^__^ I didn't color my hair darker, its just the lighting I guess. And nope I didnt have it highlighted... Its just my messy home dying skilzz LOL!

The velcro rollers xDD I leave them for like 30 minutes and mine stays with the style all day coz my hair can easily hold style.

rennie said...

cute hair! my mom is also the one cutting my hair. I also feel safer
she usually cuts my bangs

AnnaCleo said...

waO, Pretty! ^.^

i remember when my mum cut my hair~~~

pankeke said...

i wish my mom could cut nice hair like that!!

Femina said...

Love your lashes, you are really cute! It's so refeshing!

Chama said...

*giggles* My mommy does my hair too! =D But I've never gotten layers yet. u.u *wants to* Your haircut's really gorgeous! Your mommy should be a pro. =(^ 3 ^)= *attempted whistle* It's cool that you've natural thickness and volume! .... So do I. >w< At least the thickness.

I am sure you will reach your goal too! *thumbs-up* You can do it, Oyen-chan~ I think to make it grow faster, you have to trim it once in a while? O.o I think so, hee hee.

Anonymous said...

omg, I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!!! makes you look so gorgeous, cute and classy!

can you please do a tutorial or at least show us how to do it? PLEASE!!!!

thank you!!!!


Anonymous said...

:D Yes please make a tutorial on how you/ your mum cut your hair!