Monday, March 2, 2009

Lolita Mini Toppers!

Haha, I got addicted making Lolita Top Hats and made a FEW xD
They are made of handpicked satin, laces, beads, fake flower ornaments, feathers, ribbons and cardboard... If people are interested on buying one of them please leave a comment and I will update this topic for the prices and info ^_^

(Please click pictures to enlarge)


tuniez83 said...

the pink one is toooooooooo cute. can't imagine it on me, lol

miemiemie said...

wow,great job oyen :) they look lovely!

AnnaCleo said...


they're so lovely!~!

Ladyfei♡ said...

Wow, those are so cute! I WAS obsessed with gothic lolita fashion before, but O_O now not really. BUT! Theyre so cute! =) Youre so talented! Oh this is fei! I decided to make a blog XD

Diamonds said...

Seriously cute hats!!!
I would love to get one of these...if I dressed lolita style lol

Tiffany said...

They look so cute!
too bad i don't have anything to wear with it.. or else i would so get one! =P
How does it look like when modeled? =3

rich said...

wow! they're so cuuuute! ^^

Anonymous said...

if you did sell them, how much would they cost? O_O

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGG this is extremely beautifu!! oh dear this is an amazing talent that you have woe like sooo professional honest.

woe keep up the good work hope you dont mind if i follow.

clear♥wing said...

Thanks guys :)
2 of them is sold already
selling them for 270 pesos each/6 dollars each

Chama said...



Eeeee! Oyen-chan, you talented girl~
How did you learn to make those top hats?!
I am envious, but in a good way. TT_TT *boo hoo hoo*

I would so be willing to buy one! The only problem is, I am not allowed to buy anything online. >_< Well .... not with my MOMMY'S money, at least. ;) Maybe if I manage to open a Paypal account and get some money on there, I'll buy one of those hats! I wanted to be a Gothic Lolita next Halloween anyway; I was actually talking about today .... ♠

Sorry for the long comment! >0< I .... tend to write a lot and babble a lot, hee hee. >///<

Anonymous said...

do you have a smaller version of it?
do you still have the hat in the 5th picture with you?

Angelique said...

holy crap! you made them?! you are sooo talented!!! *jealous*