Thursday, February 26, 2009

GEO Tri-Color Brown Review ^_^

GEO Tri-Color Brown

Comfort: 10/10
Enlarging Effect: 6/10, doesn't really enlarge much unlike the nudies.
Color and Design: I love its pattern, very natural compare to Twins series.. they are also more subtle than my twins.. They look kinda hazel though, but I love them ^__^ They look great especially with brown hair too! Hehe! Very natural looking.. if you want a lighter brown for your eyes ^.^

I think they can look good with or without makeup.


Sophia said...

Hey clearwing~

Some general questions about a type of circle lens I'm looking for..

Low enlarging effect, dark brown color, super comfort level, and natural looking?

Thanks thanks =]

applecider918 said...

Those contacts look super natural! They're very flattering!

miemiemie said...

aww dear they look very pretty on you :)

Oyen said...

Thank you :)

Sophia i suggest you try the GEO Fresh Brown... Its superb. xD

tuniez83 said...

Heyyy! I love how it looked. Your eyes so bright and shine. It's not too fancy or whatsoever. unlike my greeny one,lol

Miss u a lot. BTW can I have ur address? I have something for you.
u can mail me at asktuniez83 at gmail (um it's not gonna be expensive things but I just want u to try)

IchigoBunnie said...

cute hair!! and i LOVE that hat on you. i want one myself...XD lol

contacts look nice as well :)

!Lei said...

Cool lenses! O.O
Btw, your GIF below the "Mini Update" thing.. How did you make that one? o.o

Femina said...

You're a very beautiful girl! Nice hat indeed!

Anonymous said...

nice head dress/cap/ribbon whatever! hehehe!

(send me your latest lens stocks on my email add...)te'eeeeenx!


Oyen said...

Thanks guys for the nice comments.
Lei, I used the continuous shot mode on my digicam, and I think there is a n option similar to that on most fone cam too. ^^

YFG said...

Hi there, i keep passing by your blog and i just had to say how pretty those lenses look on you!
may i ask where you purchased them?
They are very natural looking!

thank you!

Nadine said...

hi i love the lenses =) two thumbs up! just wondering how did u curl your hair? it looks really nice. thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! They're really natural looking(: Would you suggest the tri colour browns or the nudy browns more? I'm not really looking for too much enlargement but I do want a hazel yet natural looking lens. I like the halo effect the nudy lens has:)

Anonymous said...

i love the colour on you, looks amazing! I've heard the tri colour is blurry and irritable from other posts as im currently indecisive on which contacts to get! However you stated that the comfort of these were 10/10 whereas others said it was irritable? Help! haha thanks