Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Etude House Makeup Tutorials Update!

Hello everyone :)
I would just like to apologize for not updating my blog too often hehe (as always)
I just want to thank everyone who rated and subscribed to Etude House Pink Artiste Channel on YouTube!

Here's my first ever tutorial. Inspired by Dara's Romantic Makeup Look on Etude House Ad.

Here is how I do my Korean Celebrity Dewy Skin featuring Nymph Aura Volumer!

Makeup for eyeglasses :)

Back to school makeup tutorial!

Sharp Eyes Makeup Tutorial, I will be doing more eyemakeup tutorials in the future!

Korean Star Glow Makeup Tutorial

Sporty/Athletic Makeup Tutorial 

Hope you enjoyed my tutorials, I will be doing moooore soon :D


Clai Litiatco said...

Love all your make up tutorials!

JustinBarley said...

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. said...

oOo~ very nice blog! & love your tutorials~