Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hurricane Brown and Grey Lenses plus Stuff

GEO Hurricane Brown and Grey Lenses from Dull to Doll!

<3 Sponsored lenses by Valerie of Dull to Doll, she is so sweet!

These lenses are perfect for me, they are vibrant, subtle but noticeable. And with my smallish eyes- 14.00 diameter is just right for me. The enlargement effect is natural. Larger lenses make me look like an alien. These lenses are comfortable just like any other GEO lenses I have. Doesn't dry out my eyes and you can barely feel them on. Their pattern even looks amazing up close and very natural looking from afar.

I am trying to improve my makeup (contouring, etc) especially the eyebrows, I've kind of mastered the "korean" eyebrows shaping xD

Been using my mom's skin care line Elisse on my face because I had breakouts and now my skin looks better. I've hardly ever retouched my skin on these photos! It's amazing! ♥

What my face is wearing on these photos:
Other makeup products that I've used are from local brands.


THT Christina said...

The hurricane design is so subtle but really gives off a nice effect :) very natural too ^^

Sara said...

Wow..I absolutely love the effect you get with the browns..incredible results :)

Charmaine said...

omg! your back! Been a fan of your blog since I stumbled upon you in blogspot :) Hoping that you have more reviews and tutorials soon!

Megz said...

That looks nice on you :) I love that the design is not over to the top!

Realmeryl16 said...

I just ordered hurricane grey a while ago. Lol. They're really pretty!

Zelle ♥ said...

Hi ms.pretty tuazon! :) Can you blog more about the elisse line your mom is using? :D oh and how to do the korean eyebrow! Thanks a lot! ♥