Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burgundy Hair!

Hello everyone I'm back with hair dye review post!
I've been really really liking darker burgundy hair lately and its already been a month since I dyed my hair. I liked the color but its really hard to maintain light colored hair when the roots are already showing up. So I decided to go for a darker shade. I always go to gabalstory online wig shop for hair color inspiration and I really wanted this color for a change! XD

So cute right?

I went to Watson's yesterday and saw these hair dye boxes with lovely shades! They got really nice mahogany and burgundy shades! 1 box is not enough for my hair so I've decided to get two different colors, I love mixing hair dyes! Haha!

When I opened the boxes, I was surprised to find another boxes with their original packaging.
I believe that this is a Japanese hair dye brand and is very good with covering gray hair.

I must say that unlike other cream formula hair dyes that I've tried this one is very easy to apply and it slides on hair really smoothly.

And for the results!
Covered my roots pretty well!
Here's the color under natural lighting (daylight)
With flash on.
Indoor poor lighting.

Overall, I really really like Silk Touch! In real life, my hair is more magenta than in the pictures but I really love it!

I really want to try out other shades in the future.


Cheap! 1 box costs Php275
They come in so many different shades.
Mild formula, my hair still feels the same (well as of now)
The cream formula slides on hair smoothly
It's like Palty and made me wonder why Palty is so expensiveee.


Cheapo Packaging xD
Color bleeds on towel after shower and on shirt when hair is still wet!
I am really hoping that this bleeding will occur during first day.

I shall update you with my hair color after few days if it changes! :)
Thanks for reading!


nikkitah said...

love the color!I haven't dyed my hair in a really loooong time.hmmm....I think its time for a new color :D

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Nettie said...

Pretty hair color <3333

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I loove this color, and the waves on first pic (dunno who she is) but I've been craving for that airy waves badly!! XD

xixi said...

I love your new hair color! <33
It's so pretty! I wanna have burgundy hair too now XD

RoyaFuze (Jen) said...

hi, great blog! Does this brand only work for virgin (undyed) hair? If my hair was naturally dark brown, but I bleached it light brown, then colored it an even darker brown than the color I had I need to bleach it to get the burgundy red color? Thanks!

Mai said...

This colour suites you very well (:! the shade is pretty!
CMPang x

bazinga said...

where can i buy that hair product? :O