Monday, July 18, 2011

Hat,Cat,Gradeschool Friends!

Hi guys, I just want to blog about my hat LOL!~ Anyway, its really cute I bought it for only $5+. And I really think that I am loving straw hats now, they're really cute!

I've been really sad lately because my cat Pepper is acting strange, she isn't as energetic as quite as she was before. I really don't know what's wrong. We've already taken her to her doctor and the doctor said that we must stimulate her energy by giving vitamins and water and all. If after 3 days her condition does not improve, they're gonna run a blood test on her. :(

Few days ago me and my grade school friends had a mini meet/reunion. It was really fun! I must say I love my grade school friends more than my high school friends because of the special bond we have. I miss them already! :)
This is Janelle, she's an old friend of mine we were like best friends during grade school and she came all the way from Canada for a vacation and to see us. I was so excited to see her. :D
In case you're wondering why a random post? XD It's because I'm testing the new layout. LOL

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Saving Capulet said...

you look very cute and your dolly, too! and its always nice to be able to catch up with friendS! <3