Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Dye! Using 2 boxes of Palty this time..:)

This is my first time trying Dariya Palty hair dye, its a Japanese brand hair dye and its very popular to Asians. It's permanent but it also washes out slowly and eventually just like any other permanent hair dyes.

So its been exactly a month since I colored my hair with Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Medium Blonde the brassiness calmed down a little but its still quite orange. So now, I want to try new color.

I'm dyeing my hair with Palty Jewelry Ash + Palty Beauty Mauve. Different colors, yeah... long story xD. I heard purplish tint helps get rid of the brassiness. So I'm gonna show you how I did it. I'm not an expert when it comes to hair dyeing but I love to experiment hehe.

These are the items that are inside the box. The manual is useless because its all written in Japanese, but I found a translated one on the internet.
This is the color guide for Jewelry Ash
This is the color guide for Beauty Mauve
And let's start mixinggg!~

You will need a big bowl or a plastic container and a hair color brush thingy.
I put cream #1 (Jewelry Ash and Beauty Mauve)
Mix 2 creams with the hair coloring brush, mix very very well. Take your time.

Pour the #2 cream peroxide bottles.
And start mixing again. I was gonna use a wire whisk but it might end up like a whipped cream lolz. Just mix mix mix!
And we're done, set aside for a while.

Before dying your hair, its really better to not shampoo/wash your hair 1 dayAdd Image before you dye it.
We need the natural oils of the hair to protect the scalp and hair from becoming too damaged. And I heard that the hair will absorb the color better if its not freshly washed. And you need a tshirt dedicated for hair dying that's if you're like me who hates just covering with towel and its really annoying.

These are the before photos!
Roots and brassy~
I left the dye on for 35 minutes exactly. The dye got really strong purple tones. It stained my shirt purple lol.
After washing and drying!
I think its pretty even and it colored my roots well.

More before and after comparison.
(Sorry for my bare face, I don't usually put makeup on when I dye my hair LOLZ)

I like it~ My hair came out a little darker than before but its less brassy now and the color is subtle yet pretty. I must say it left an ashy color on my hair which I like and I wish it should've came out really ashy. Oh well~ but I like it! XD

Dariya Palty hair dye

More expensive than regular box dyes.
Hard to get hold of. Usually by pre-orders, or the shade you want is not available, etc.
Strong ammonia smell

Hair did not feel so damaged.
Somehow the color results came out similar to the color guide on the box.
Cute packaging? LOL

Will I buy again?

Absolutely. I'm debating between professional hair dye Topchic or Palty next or Liese. xD

Hope you find my post useful~


♥ sTråwbêrRié ♥ said...

Try using Liese Bubbles Hair Dye! it's awesome too ! I always use that to dye my hair and the result come out pretty well! ^^

Marge said...

wow, this makes me wanna dye my hair again!

l-article said...

The color looks really nice!! Kinda makes me want to dye my hair :D

THT Christina said...

Wow, it turned out to be very even! I never thought of mixing colors before, I should try sometime.. hehe and I am absolutely Palty biased!

The color is very nice :)

clear♥wing said...

Thank you so much guys, I really want to try the ash brows of Liese next time, coz this isn't ash enough for me xD

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Agree with the others: this colour's lovely on you. And I can see why you want a more ashy shade: ashy colours would look stunning with your skin tone. C:

Hrm-- maybe when this starts to fade a bit and lighten, it'll look a bit more ashy?

eri said...

love it! I use palty as well! Liese is okay, i find it covers evenly and fades to a nicer color, but palty does lighten a lot faster and better if you do it evenly :)

Check out my blog for Palty Giveaways ;)

Lina Kim ♥ said...

awwweee I'm liking your after photos so much! it looks natural on you and make your face look fairier!

I like your blog~^^visit my blog sometimes too, hehe

clear♥wing said...

Thank you so much guys, so far my experience with Palty is really by far better than Revlon Colorsilk. :)