Friday, May 21, 2010

My Short Hair Grows So Fast! Woah and Nails!

Hi guys!
As you all know I cut my precious hair because it got damaged (disaster perm) it surprises me how fast its growing now. I already got rid of the damaged ends.
I'm starting to like my short hair now because its so easy to manage, saves shampoo and conditioner, perfect for summer and its a good hair change for a while. I think everyone can pull it off with some considerations first.
If you are planning to cut your hair shorter ( I mean like above the shoulders short length)
There are things you must consider:

1st, determine your face shape which short haircut will suit you, there are different types like blunt, equal length cut, layers, etc
2nd, don't just go to any salon that offers shampoo/haircut/blowdry for a low price-they usuall end up not good you can tell once you already shampooed your hair and airdried it. The only two persons I trust when it comes to my haircut is my mom and this person at Ystillo Salon. I rely on my mom for simple hair trimming and to the salon for serious haircut. I only cut my bangs.
3rd. Short haircuts usually will look great on people with thick luxurious hair, but it will still depend on the haircut.
4th, to complete the change, colour your hair! Yey xD

My tips wont help that much, but if you are encountering the same problem like mine. Don't waste expensive hair products to revive your super damaged hair, maybe its time to consider cutting your hair off and let the new hair grow healthily -not committing the same mistakes before.

By the way, yehey for us who live in Pampanga, Etude House just opened at SM Pampanga @ Department Store, Im not expecting they'll be putting alot of stuff for sale because its just inside the department store, but still its great news LOL

My online sister is always so generous to supply me with Etude House products LOL.
I am also addicted to nail art now, I started growing out my nails again as soon as I grad from my Baking Class. I got Konad Stamping Nail Art as Bday Gift xD



locke said...

nice haircut~ looks great on you =) oh, i had the same etude cat ^^ love their nail polishes too! nicely done nail arts =)great job! xoxo

Ella said...
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Ushishi said...

i love your short hair now =) it looks very neat and cute,and anyways you can always wear your wigs when you want to change it up right?you look very pretty in the second picture btw, looks professional =P


MizArWeN said...

seriously ur art nail polish is extremely did u dat?

Anonymous said...

It's been such a long time since the last time I visited your blog. But I must say that you became very pretty now :) I was astonished.

clear♥wing said...

Thanks guys :) for nail art- I can't do that with my own hands doing the manual drawing. I use Konad Stamp Nail Art :)

chung said...

Hi Oyen! Just started to follow you ^^. I love your nails. The designs are so neat... I need to work on my Konading skills, heheh (I recently got the Konad stamping kit too and it's so much fun :D)

RinFeiFei said...

wahhh what a cute nails art! super love it.