Friday, January 29, 2010

Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial

How to: Pretty in Pink Makeup (with Double Wing Eyeliner)

I'm not an expert and this tut is not perfect xD,
but I would just like to share this makeup tutorial with you all, ladies smile.gif

1.) Start with a clean face, apply moisturizer and/or if needed. It totally helps
on applying foundation easily and protects your pores from having direct contact with the makeup.

2.) Apply base before the BB cream/Foundation for a more flawless look.
I use my brush for more even application and because I don't want to get my fingers get dirty much.

3.) Apply the BB cream or foundation of your choice you don't need to pile on it
as we will be using concealer on the following steps.
Font size

4.) Apply the concealer, on areas that needed to be conceal.

5.) Dust a "little" of mineral powder to keep the foundation from running,
especially if the weather's hot. Too much will make your face appear cakey.

6.) Draw on the eyebrows with a light brown eyebrow pencil, you can never go wrong with it,
even if the application isn't perfect because its not going to be that noticeable haha.
And then carefully apply the liquid eyeliner or pencil, whatever you are used to, be relax
and draw double winged eyeliner. It gives extra impact without looking too much and
especially if you dont have false eyelashes on hand, they can create an illusion of falsies. LOL

7.) Curl your lashes and then apply mascara, I like applying mascara at the bottom
for a more dramatic and defined look, in my case eyeliner on my bottom waterline usually smudges
so I just pile on mascara instead.

8.) Blush Blush Blush, its a basic rule to not use a blush on that's same color as your lipstick,
Apply on the apples of your cheeks, a little on sides of forehead, nose and chin for more defined facial features.

9.) Apply Highlighting Shimmer for a more dimensional look, careful on the amount-too much will make your
face look oily. Putting some will also make your skin vibrant, glowing and looking healthy. I put mine on the
bridge of the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin

10.) Apply Pink Lipstick, wipe off the excess, put gloss if you want to smile.gif

and Voila!


miemiemie said...

pretty! sis are you wearing one of your wigs here? bigla kasi humaba hair mo dito hehe

clear♥wing said...

Yeap wig lang yan sis :)

Emily said... your looks your so pretty!! the makeup is so nice, wah..gotta learn from u on makeup, i suck at doing makeup lol... i really wanna try the etude house bb cream! it looks great on you

oh and well im your new follower..your 201st follower :)

great blog u got here, i wish i had found it earlier!

check out my random blog if u have time:

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

nice look oyen,flawless.=Dthe etude house base was it any good?

clear♥wing said...

@Emily: Thank you! I hope you could try makeup its so fun hehe, thanks so much for following :P

@SHOBE: Thanks :) The Etude House Baby Skin Base, its really good-it claims to reduce the appearance of pores for smooth foundation application, and I think its doing a great job, and I love the smell, it smells like Johnson's BABY POWDER xD

~ ellen ~ said...

very beautiful job with the make-up!
thanks for sharing that tutorial with us;
I will try it tomorrow when I get ready
in the morning :)

~ ellen ~ said...

also, I hope I do not offend you if you're not, but are you Korean? just wondering, 'cause I'm learning Korean so I was just curious..

Cookie said...

Sis Dolly Eye ba ung gamit mo? ^^

Keziah Ann said...

what brand is that pink lipstick ? Looks like a dupe for mac pink nouveau! It suchapretty barbie pink. Hehe

Aww ur really pretty. Love this look:)

Anonymous said...

you are soo pretty!

Oyen said...

Hello! Thanks :)
No I am not Korean, I am Filipina :D

Yep its dolly eye from EOS :)

The brand's called Sophia :)

Thanks guys!

The Flower Child said...

lol i was gonna ask what hair color you have, its wig pla, i love it, doesnt look like you have any wig on! it looks so gorgeous.

pandablush said...

Wow the lenses are so opaque!
Its cosplay-like lenses <3
Thanks for the tut oyen :) Recently I also love wearing pink lippie!

kalai said...

cute look^^

your contacts are cool. ive never seen one that colour. the colour goes so well with your lip colour.

strawberry.llamas said...

Hey oyen! That is a really pretty look. I don't think i can pull off pink lips. :[

Oh also, I'm not sure if you allowed this seller to use your pics to sell circle lenses.

here is the link if you wanted to check it out!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Oyen
I love your eyes and I think this is the best look for you so far!

I like but I don't think I could pull off pink lips XD

you like like a model grrl!

and make me wanna try blue contacts & lightbrown hair =)

Anonymous said...

Looks really pink and fresh faced, your cheekbones look awesome !!

Anonymous said...

I love your lipstick! Where did you buy it?

cheerilyhappy said...

i think you look best with natural eye color :) the grey one was creepy O.O'

Anonymous said...

your smile is creepy. even my friends say so..

Batbutt said...

Did u bleach your hair to get that color? Looks so nice. :)