Sunday, March 29, 2009

NO Updates for a while :(

Hey guys, wont be able to make some new posts because I am so problematic about my laptop, its broken- the videocard they say... I never had any problems with my Acer Laptop for like one year and a half until now... I am so upset and frustrated because I have some things I need to settle and update hanging.

xD So tomorrow they will send my laptop to some technician which I am hoping that he/she can fix it good as new.. I really love that laptop because of the specs TT_TT So please help me pray that it can be fixed, I think they will just have to find a videocard (NVIDIA) that is similar to mine. But if they fail I will have no choice but to send it to Acer Manila... and the repair cost will be Php20,000 more or less >__< So yeah. I think I wont be able to buy the ds lite for now ~.~" oh well it can wait. SIGH xD

Bye bye for now, goodluck for my laptop :P

Miss you all guys ^_^


tuniez83 said...

hi girl! miss the post so much. BTW did u get my package? the tracking num. i had is untracable. So I was wondering if you get it? or it somewhere between

clear♥wing said...

Hi Tune, ^_^ Miss you.. I haven't got it yet

URY said...

Sorry for that...but if the repair cost is P20k...I think it's better to buy a new one..

Ladyfei♡ said...

Poor you =(
My macbook is very problematic now too damn it haha i use it too much! 24/7 on lol.
miss your tuts!

AnnaCleo said...

oh~ good luck! ^_^

Nea said...

hello i'm Ileana i was born in argentina, and i live in anrgentina, my english is so bad. but i want to say to you something!!!
You Are Wonderful!!! you are so cute and i Love Your Blog!!!

bye bye

Nea( my friends call me Nea

clear♥wing said...

Thanks for reading my blog! :) I appreciate that .

@FEI, I know x.x I just cant get enough of going online haha! My pc ends up really tired and broken x.x